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10 Benefits of Cloud Managed Services Providers

Posted by Brandon Greene on Oct 14, 2019 5:21:00 PM
Brandon Greene

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Uptime will be greater, cloud hosting providers implement secondary solutions to increase uptime of services. This can be secondary power utilities companies, generators, internet connections, multiple physical servers that host your service and many more things.

Data Backups are easier and happens faster. In services like ACS, snapshots or (backups) happen in just a few seconds. This is no matter how much data is on your servers. These backups are also bootable, meaning you can go to yesterday's backup and power it on like a real server. With this function you get to skip 90 percent of traditional backup processes.

Failover or live migration - inside of hosting environments and data centers, we do things like upgrade servers, add more hard drives, increase resources etc. When we do this, we may have to move customer data and servers to other physical machines. This is called live migration, where a group of servers work together as a team to keep your data and resources moved off of specific physical server. Once customer data or live data is off of those servers this allows up to perform maintenance or upgrades off line. When these tasks are completed we can plug the servers back in and turn them back on. The same team of servers then bring that physical server back on line and move live customer data back to it for us to repeat the process on other servers. ....Now that is cool stuff!

Light speed internet - ACS alone have multiple internets this is for two main reasons, one the amount of customers we host servers and data for and two is for redundancy. This brings along internet speed and capability. In a normal business with 25 to 100 people you may have 50 mbps or 1000 mbps. On a server hosted in ACS you have access to multiple gigabits of internet meaning 20 to 50x your internet in house.

Less maintenance - part of the responsibility in owning a server is keeping them cool, clean, safe, hardware working, connected etc. In a hosted environment ...... well, there is none of that.... they're hosted!

Lower costs - similar to having less maintenance you also save money. Think about the electricity a physical server takes! The power the server itself uses, the cooling, the power for the backup drives or separate server. The data or internet the server takes. The operating system cost and time of installation. Costs of any hardware repairs, downtime that hardware failure causes, time to recover from failures. This list could get quite long. Hosting providers remove all of those small costs that add up. If they are like ACS we set on monthly costs and include it all.



Upgrade capability - have you ever filled up a hard drive, ran out of ram/memory, maxed out the processors? Traditional servers would fix this problem by A) buying another bigger server (which draws more power) then migration of the old server to the new and cross your fingers you moved it all. Oh, and this usually takes many hours and on a weekend to not stop work. B) add more storage or memory to the current server by shutting if off and hoping it has room or can handle more resources. In the hosted world, select your server, click resize, pick your super gulp sized server and done. If you've just added more storage you do not even need to restart the server. Going from a small server to a massive one is really just a one minute process.

Security - Do you have encrypted hard drives which all of your company data is stored on? Is your server behind closed locked door with cameras recording 24/7. How about a locked cover with the key not attached to the cover or rear of the server? If you can say you do all of those! Welcome to the 1% club.... but that's still not the safest. The only way to get to your hosted server is by getting on your network, or even better only certain computers in your business. No hard drives to take at all. With one click you can isolate your server from the world. If you get crypto virus just startup the last backup (in ACS the backups are free and automatic every day). Now that's security!

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Brandon Greene


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