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Case Study:Mortgage Company Working Remotely


The Challenge:
A Mortgage company with in office network equipment consisting of a server for user login and file sharing. The people in the company were tied to the office to access work files and communication.
A store bought router was in place creating limits and vulnerabilities.

Proposed Solution:
Migrate the network and data to ACS, the cloud hosting service from AOP. Install a new Cisco Firewall and implement a network security program. Connect the local office to the hosted environment, connect all laptops and mobile devices via VPN to the network. Continue business as normal.

Final Outcome:
The business is now ready for future growth with a hosted network, managed security program, daily image backups of the servers. As well as a mobile work force who can operate seamlessly with the network outside of the office all while maintaining network security. AOP also implemented it's Network Standard which is a large book built of years best practices meant to maintain the network at optimal performance.


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